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◆my main fandoms are tfios/john green, divergent, and tmi/tid/tda, but i will end up posting things from more fandoms!
◆i am working this summer so im setting up a queue from 8am-5pm EST!! (can someone give me money so i dont have to work? IM DYING kthanks)

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Ansel Elgort on Good Morning America (August 19, 2014)

36/100 pictures of theo james
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Sizzy AU . “The Lady & The Tramp”

She is the daughter of the wealthy - and noble - family Lightwood. He the “commoner”, the funny Jewish Boy that secretly works in a Speakeasy. But the rich daughter is not a helpless maiden, despite her pretty dresses, the flowers, hats and smiles, but his new boss because she takes over the family business of selling alcohol illegally with her big brother. What a trip this will be.

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GET TO KNOW ME MEMEFavourite Characters » 1. Augustus Waters
↳ “I’m on a  r o l l e r  c o a s t e r  t h a t  o n l y  g o e s  u p , my friend.

color meme: baneandalec said: tmi+pink & blue c: